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Clinton A. Young

As an Internationally Recognized Speaker & Flow Advisor, Clinton’s mission is to inspire growth-seekers to awaken to greatness and unlock their unique potential to thrive.


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Leading an Improv Comedy workshop tonight for a super fun group of growth seekers at Crushit Toastmasters was absolutely exhilarating! I highly recommend improv to anyone seeking to grow personally, become a better communicator, still your mind and be more present, and of course have a ton of fun. It's a blast and NO, you don't have to be funny to do improv. In fact, I find that the more unfunny or awkward that you feel you are going in, the more funny you end up being in improv. Try it. You will be glad you did. #improv #toastmasters #personalgrowth ...

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On way to hotel in Philadelphia for a speaking gig tomorrow for entrepreneur students, and running through pics of the last speaking gig in Utah a few weeks ago, I have that melancholy feeling of being away from my wifey that I always get on the road. As I'm wondering whether I'm really supposed to be doing this, the song "Wrecking Ball" comes on the radio, and I'm reminded that I'm here for a reason, to inspire others to reach their full potential. Yes I got fired up by @mileycyrus and I'm ok with that. She's a bad@ss! Ready to drop some knowledge and inspire positive action tomorrow morning! #ilovemusic #speakerlife #followyourheart #findyourflow #mileycyrus #entrepreneurlifestyle ...

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